Things Buyers Should Do when Buying a House

Do provide your Earnest Money deposit, made out to the title company, from your own personal bank account or acceptable gift funds. Establish a line of communication with your loan officer or loan originator for clarification on all matters pertaining to your loan. Most delays arise from a lack of clarity between the Buyer and the loan officer – don’t assume anything!

Do keep all documentation for the sale of your current home readily available, including the sales contract, the closing statement provided by the closing agency/title company, employment relocation/buy-out program documents (if applicable)

Do notify your loan officer or company if you are planning to receive gift funds. They are acceptable only if certain criteria are met. Advances from credit cards for down payment and or closing costs are never acceptable.

Do be aware that a new credit report will most likely be pulled just before closing, so continue to pay all bills in a timely and responsible manner so as not to impact your credit score adversely

Do notify your loan officer of any employment changes such as a recent raise, promotion, transfer or any changes in your salary or commission structure.

Do keep originals or be able to access all bank statements, pay-stubs and other important financial documents

Do keep your real estate agent informed of any changes in what it is you are looking for in the home you hope to buy as soon as possible. This will save you time and fine-tune the focus on those houses that best meet your needs.

Do let your agent know if you hear of anyone else who might be interested in buying or selling a home. All Premiere Team Agents appreciate referrals and strive to meet and exceed their clients expectations. We want you to be very pleased with the service we provide. If we can do more, please contact management. We will do everything within our power to oblige you.

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