Buy a House from Me, We’ll Pay Off your Lease for FREE!

Lease Buyout Program is as EASY as 1, 2, 3

1. Fax, email or bring in your current lease agreement to be reviewed

2. Your Premiere Team Buyer Consultant will then call or meet with you to explain how Our Lease Buyout Program works.

3. Buy a house through your Premiere Team Buyer Consultant & we will negotiate the best price & terms then assist you throughout the entire home buying process


1. Pre-qualify with one of our preferred mortgage companies.

2. Preview all new and resale homes that you want to see through us before making an offer.

3. Sign Our Cancel Anytime Buyer Agency Agreement – This allows us to work for you in your best interest.

4. Get the Lease Buyout Agreement approved by us prior to accepting an offer.

See how Premiere Team Real Estate can help with your real estate needs!